Welcome to Flight Sim Global

Started by Dexter, Jeroen, Michael, and Tom; Flight Sim Global’s aim was simple. We wanted to create a site in which fellow flight simmers, like ourselves, could have a one stop destination for all their needs. We started with ideas such as providing the community with news on recently released products, providing companies with commercials and even repaint services. From there we have only expanded and improved, we currently have added on to that list of attributes and we are now doing reviews of products, running contests and even a youtube channel.

Who Is Flight Sim Global

Flight Sim Global’s mission was simple. Right from the beginning Dexter, Jeroen, Michael, and Tom wanted to make life easier on people. This was done with the creation of Flight Sim Global. This site allowed users to find everything on one website.
Dexter, Jeroen, Michael, and Tom all believe in making sure that everything done is done right and on time.
To provide top notch services and make sure the Flight Sim Global name is remembered.
Flight Sim Global prides them self in the work they release. Everything is done on time and has a unique look that will have you stick out when compared to other competition.

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