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Turbulent Designs releases KGPI Glacier Park International Airport

Just announced on their forums, Turbulent Designs has released their latest airport and their first P3D v4 exclusive airport, KGPI. The airport features 11 square kilometers of 30cm photoreal coverage, 100 square km coverage of nearby mountains, lakes, and forests, 830 square km of 5 and 10 meter mesh, custom autogen, SODE features, and more. To view the announcement, please click here.

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Orbx announces Netherlands TrueEarth: The Complete Package

Just a few minutes ago, Orbx developer Jarrad Marshall has posted a big announcement about the upcoming Netherlands region from Orbx. They claim this is the next generation of Orbx products and combine the features of the FTX Regions with new photoreal terrain. Other features include: "The entirety of Netherlands depicted in complete detail! 85,000km2 of photoreal terrain at 1m resolution (nb the same resolution as traditional landclass textures) Complete seasonal variation: 5 hand-coloured seasons! Full 3D night lighting and night ground textures 43 updated airports, including 18 not found in the default scenery. CityScene building technology for all major cities, towns, villages and urban areas. CityScene tech improves on traditional autogen by adding unusual footprints, higher detail (roof details etc) and better long-range visibility Incredibly dense autogen vegetation. Far superior to automated OSM technology, our agn is compiled from multiple data sets, and hand-edited to ensure maximum fidelity, accuracy and density. Beautifully edited terrain textures - colourised, edited, cleaned up. Blemishes such as cloud cover, water sun glare, seamlines, discolouration and some vehicle footprints have been removed. Colour palettes have been edited to match ORBX Global texture sets. Custom-painted rural variations, including tulip fields during spring Ultra HD mesh at 5m resolution. Netherlands may be flat, but incredible details such as tailings dumps, sand dunes and even highway overpass ramps are visible Accurate road, waterway, bridges, transmission line and other vector/GIS components. Road AI traffic also included to regular Region standards Beautiful custom building textures for all autogen buildings Hundreds of custom landmarks and POI Traditional Dutch windmills Major churches and cathederals custom modelled Custom models for all major TV and radio masts Many major bridges custom designed Custom ship models unique to Netherlands [...]

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Turbine Sound Studios releases MD-8X JT8D Pilot Edition Soundpack

Announced on their Facebook page, TSS has released their latest soundpack designed primarily around the Leonardo FlytheMaddogX. The soundpack is for both FSX and P3D and features 76 soundfiles for external/internal engine sounds, wind sounds, cockpit environment sounds, customs sounds and more. To view the product page, please click here.

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FlyTampa previews… X-Plane?

In a recent post on their Facebook page, FlyTampa has posted a photo that strongly appears to be from X-Plane 11. The photo has the caption "Pigs might fly after all". Could FlyTampa be making the move to X-Plane as well? To view the post, please click here.

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Aerosoft release v1.0.5.0 of CRJ 700/900 X

Mathijs Kok of Aerosoft has announced in their forums today that version of their CRJ has been released. The changelog includes: - [Fixed] HGS artifacts on windscreen removed - [Fixed] Dave now controls the right doors in FSX - [Fixed] Zoom corrected in FSX/P3Dv3 preview window - [Fixed] Frequencies and transponder codes on RADIO page can now be transferred to scratchpad - [Fixed] Pressurization mode switching during descent - [Added] Cabin climb/descent with packs switched off - [Fixed] Several pushbuttons have been fixed to work with the left mouse button as well - [Fixed] External APU sound not looping properly - [Fixed] Crackling sound issue with APU on - [Fixed] Door positions corrected (special thanks to Eduard and Richcam for their input!) for better jetway docking - [Fixed] Time and fuel calculations sometimes gave invalid results on the ground with an incomplete flightplan - [Fixed] Wrong turns on (VECT) legs - [Fixed] Removed distance and time-to-go indications for (VECT) legs on MFD - [Fixed] Changed minimum airport distance and configuration conditions for FA landing announcements - [Fixed] Reverser spool-up works again - [Fixed] PFD "SYNC" message now properly disappears a few seconds after synchronizing flight director - [Fixed] Departure runway selection disappearing after SID selection (if SID's runway is set to "ALL") - [Fixed] ILS frequency on ARR DATA page can now be copied to scratchpad for use on RADIO page - [Fixed] Decreased overshoot on track capture (introduced with rev 311) - [Fixed] Sign error on wind correction during initial waypoint turn - [Fixed] Only first letter of current and next waypoint shown on PROG page - [Fixed] Ice detection after changing payload in DAVE now only when engines are running - [Fixed] [...]

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PMDG intend to leave AVSIM

Announced on their Facebook page today, PMDG has announced that they intend to leave AVSIM for their support forum usage. In their statement: "On 02MAR18, PMDG informed AVSim of our intent to move our support forum to a company owned site. PMDG has been a part of AVSim since 1998, when AVSim founder, Tom Allensworth first broached the idea of hosting PMDG’s forum as a way to grow traffic for both of these young, new enterprises. PMDG has retained our loyalty to AVSim through occasional ups-and-downs in the relationship but the time has come for us to move forward and unify our customer support forum more closely with our ability to support customers around the world. This move is being made to ensure that PMDG and our customers retain the ability to communicate freely, directly and candidly with us and with one another across a wide range of issues affecting the global community of PMDG customers. We notified AVSim today of our intent to move in order to facilitate a discussion on how to make this transition as smooth and seamless as possible for AVSim users and PMDG customers. Shortly afterward, the PMDG forum was apparently removed from public access, we presume accidentally. We have reached out to AVSim and the forum staff to alert them to the issue, and we hope it will be returned to public use while we transition our official operation to a new home. We will post more information on the official opening of that new forum location just as soon as we have it ready for customer use and we look forward to welcoming you there. There are exciting times ahead!" To view their Facebook page, please click here.

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Pacific Islands Simulations Reno-Tahoe Intl 64-bit Pro to release this week

According to PacSim's Facebook page: "Folks, Reno-Tahoe Intl 64bit Pro will be released any day now this week. This is a native P3DV4.1 SDK product and will work ONLY in P3DV4. This is NOT an FSX, FSX Steam Edition, P3DV3/2/1 backward compatible product. If you choose to purchase the product and attempt to install into your 32bit FSX and/or 32bit P3D sim platform then be prepared to deal with all kinds of issues including Crash-To-Desktop. You have been warned. The product page is already up with more information so familiarize yourself with what to expect in the product. Feel free to share the pictures below as well." To view the preview photos please click here. To view the product page, please click here.

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