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FlyTampa announces expected release of Boston Logan V4 Rebooted

Posted on their Facebook page, FlyTampa have stated: "Yeah, I know, you guys would rather have Heathrow & Dubai with SODE Off technology. Whatever that is. & Las Vegas is coming up next, with some slick Easter eggs. Anyway, Here's good old Boston Logan for Prepar3D V4+ Release should be this weekend - Boston Logan International (KBOS) airport V4 Rebooted - High-Resolution 2k Terminal Textures - 3D Tunnels, Bridges & Airport Island Coastlines - Advanced Specular & Normal Mapping shaders used on Airport surfaces - Dynamic Lighting & optional FX Lighting for slower systems - Animated & Static Vehicles - Animated Ramp People - Stunning Wet Weather & Snow Effects - Volumetric Grass - Animated Jetways at all gates - Optimized thoroughly with use of LODs - Configuration tool to help customize your experience - Compiled with latest Prepar3Dv4.2 SDK" This announcement comes with 16 preview photos. To view the announcement and photos, please click here.

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UK2000 announces East Midlands Xtreme X-Plane Edition

Announced on their Facebook page, UK2000 has given the first previews of their upcoming East Midlands Xtreme for X-Plane. Features included are: Custom Light fx's and halo's. Custom Taxiways so you can see the stand you are selecting in the UI. Ground routes for AI (Coming soon™) Physical Based Rendering on terminals There could also be more features to come in the future! For a price of £16.99. The project is currently in beta. To view the announcement and previews, please click here.

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Orbx announces CityScene Gold Coast

Orbx developer Jarrad Marshall has announced a new line of Orbx products called CityScene. The scenery is designed to accurately bring more detail to cities and the surrounding urban areas. Updates to the buildings, roads, mesh, vector data, and more all included. The first product in this line is CityScene Gold Coast developed by Orbx's latest addition to the team, Allen Kriesman. To view the full announcement and more on what's included in CityScene, please click here.

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MILVIZ preview on King Air 350i

MILVIZ have posted an update on their Facebook page on February 20th regarding the status of their in development KA350i. According to them "the PFDs are fully independent. The chronometers, display modes, and other various settings can be set on either side and are updated and displayed accordingly. As well, the FMS is progressing and several new pages have been added" To view the announcement, please click here.

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