FlytheMaddogX version 1.1.0 released

The Leonardo FlytheMaddogX team has released an update today that addresses a few performance issues some users were having with lighting as well as adding quite a number of new features. CHANGE LOG 1.1.0 ****FIXES**** - Exterior model: fixed mapping of the apu exhaust port. - Exterior model: smoother flap animation. - Manuals: updated manuals to reflect new changes in version 1.1.0. - MCDU: upgraded MCDU operating system to PS4058350911. - MCDU: reworked VNAV descent logic, descent profile calculation, vertical deviation indicator. - Panel: fixed/improved systems, including correct engine startup timing. - Panel: fixed issue of mouse wheel repeating toggling in 3+ position switches. ****NEW FEATURES**** - General: added pause at TOD (from the MaddogX in addon menu). - General: added support for Mark Foti's 'Remote CDU'. - Exterior model: added in Load Manager the option for external flood lights for switching between dynamic lights/legacy lights/off. - Load Manager: RealLight setting in Load Manager will now disable just RealLight (TrueGlass can be disabled from its own addon menu inside the sim). - Load Manager: resetting the activation in Load Manager now automatically unlocks the transaction in Leonardo customer database server, allowing a new installation. - Load Manager: added an optional feature within the failure page to have a text message displayed, inside sim, when a random failure is armed or triggered. - MCDU: added handling of constraint above/below (i.e. 8000A12000B). - MCDU: added 'gates' for 'init pos' in 'POS' page. - MCDU: added correct calculation of 'OPT ALT' in 'FMS CRZ' page. - Panel: added left/right mouse clicks for rotating knobs (where applicable, exception are SPD, HDG and ALT knobs). - Panel: added the option in Load Manager for having internal flood lights using the [...]

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Aerosoft release v1.0.5.0 of CRJ 700/900 X

Mathijs Kok of Aerosoft has announced in their forums today that version of their CRJ has been released. The changelog includes: - [Fixed] HGS artifacts on windscreen removed - [Fixed] Dave now controls the right doors in FSX - [Fixed] Zoom corrected in FSX/P3Dv3 preview window - [Fixed] Frequencies and transponder codes on RADIO page can now be transferred to scratchpad - [Fixed] Pressurization mode switching during descent - [Added] Cabin climb/descent with packs switched off - [Fixed] Several pushbuttons have been fixed to work with the left mouse button as well - [Fixed] External APU sound not looping properly - [Fixed] Crackling sound issue with APU on - [Fixed] Door positions corrected (special thanks to Eduard and Richcam for their input!) for better jetway docking - [Fixed] Time and fuel calculations sometimes gave invalid results on the ground with an incomplete flightplan - [Fixed] Wrong turns on (VECT) legs - [Fixed] Removed distance and time-to-go indications for (VECT) legs on MFD - [Fixed] Changed minimum airport distance and configuration conditions for FA landing announcements - [Fixed] Reverser spool-up works again - [Fixed] PFD "SYNC" message now properly disappears a few seconds after synchronizing flight director - [Fixed] Departure runway selection disappearing after SID selection (if SID's runway is set to "ALL") - [Fixed] ILS frequency on ARR DATA page can now be copied to scratchpad for use on RADIO page - [Fixed] Decreased overshoot on track capture (introduced with rev 311) - [Fixed] Sign error on wind correction during initial waypoint turn - [Fixed] Only first letter of current and next waypoint shown on PROG page - [Fixed] Ice detection after changing payload in DAVE now only when engines are running - [Fixed] [...]

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Fly the Maddog X v1.0.3 now available

A quick update has been released by the FlytheMaddogX team and is available to customers in their simMarket account. The v1.0.3 changelog includes: - Load Manager issues with certain Windows localizations; - ‘Brake stuck’ issue in FSX (32bit edition); - Added the option to disable RealLight (64bit edition) to improve performance with video cards equipped with less than 4GB. Customers should uninstall version 1.0.0 with the included uninstaller and reinstall the new version. Activation data is kept and not required again.

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MILVIZ preview on King Air 350i

MILVIZ have posted an update on their Facebook page on February 20th regarding the status of their in development KA350i. According to them "the PFDs are fully independent. The chronometers, display modes, and other various settings can be set on either side and are updated and displayed accordingly. As well, the FMS is progressing and several new pages have been added" To view the announcement, please click here.

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Wilco releases Falcon 7X

Wilco, in cooperation with Dassault Aviation, has released their Falcon 7X for FSX and P3D. The plane comes with 10 liveries, a working Ram Air Turbine (RAT), ground items, a Navigraph database, and more! To view the product page, please click here.

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