UK2000 Releases Exeter Extreme

UK2000 has released their latest airport, which is Exeter (EGTE). The airport is 4 miles east of the city of Exeter and was an important RAF field during WWII. The airport is available for FS2004, FSX, and P3D with a fully featured trial version available if you are on the fence. To view the product page, please click here.

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FSDreamTeam releases Memphis

Memphis Intl Airport by FSDT is now ready for purchase for FSX and P3D. Featuring the completely modeled ATC tower, an active EMAS system, and SODE jetway support, the airport can be purchased for $34 USD +VAT or sales tax where necessary. To view the product page, please click here.

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ORBX announces Dubrovnik LDDU

Misha from ORBX has just announced his next airport in the works as part of a collaboration with Rasha Tucakov. The airport will include over 100 square kilometers of 60cm coverage, modeling of the new terminal under construction, custom vegetation, and more, and only FTX Global is required. To view the announcement, please click here.

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FSDT Previews KMEM… tower?

Something that has not been seen on this level yet, FSDreamteam have completely modeled the inside of the Memphis ATC tower to an insane level of detail. Ride up the elevator complete with music, listen to ATC communications, watch the radar, and more around the airport. Should be interesting hunting for everything they added when it releases! To view the video, please click here.

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ORBX Previews FTX Global Open LC USA

Iain from the ORBX forums has posted his first set of screenshots for the upcoming addition to FTX Global, Open LC USA. The first set of shots are from Louisville, Nashville, Memphis, and Washington and the night lighting looks fantastic. To view the announcement, please click here.

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