NGiS Interview

Back in October we made a news post about an up and coming flight sim development group known as NGiS. A lot of you showed interest and were excited to hear more. Last month, Tom interviewed Stephen Borick from NGiS about what we can expect out of the NGFS. Lots of good stuff to come and we look forward to watching the progress from this exciting team! To read the interview, please click here.

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FlyTampa Updates Airports

FlyTampa have released a number of updates and improvements to a large selection of their airports, including P3D v3 support. Most users should be able to access the new versions via the links received after purchase. To view the full announcement, installation instructions, and change-logs, please click here.

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New flight simulator on the horizon?

Today, Flight Sim Global was contacted by a new flight simulation development team known as NexGen Interactive Software (NGIS). The simulator they are working on runs off of the UNIGINE v2 and looks to establish itself as the main competitor to FSX, X-Plane, and P3D. The feature list is huge and includes what we've come to enjoy and want such as: Updatable Navigation Data, volumetric clouds, rain and ice effects on windshields, snow accumulation, multiplayer, possibility of having tornadoes and hurricanes, accurate flight model in addition to systems management, ATC, effects such as contrails, engine wash, St. Elmo's fire, and "Possibility of Hi Detail Aircraft like A2A and PMDG quality…", the list goes on and on! Keep an eye out as we find out more about this team and what exactly they are all about. In the mean time, enjoy the video and screenshots they have on their website, located here.

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Lockheed Martin releases Prepar3d V2.2

Prepar3d version 2.2 is out now with a full list of improvements. The update appears to be heavily supported by ORBX and I can understand why! List of improvements include: Autogen out of memory crash fixes The inclusion of the v2.1 panels ‘hotfix’ that reverted changes to the ContentErrorLogging system that caused previously compatible aircraft to not work New cloud shadows feature as well as several new shadow system optimizations A new sample for the Prepar3D Development Kit (PDK) API – Oculus Rift integration Native radar support for Prepar3D developers A redesign and refactor of the legacy Flight Recorder system A new FlightInstructor mode for SimDirector, as well as several other SimDirector enhancements Several other community and developer issues resolved To view the full announcement, please click here.

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