Turbine Sound Studios releases MD-8X JT8D Pilot Edition Soundpack

Announced on their Facebook page, TSS has released their latest soundpack designed primarily around the Leonardo FlytheMaddogX. The soundpack is for both FSX and P3D and features 76 soundfiles for external/internal engine sounds, wind sounds, cockpit environment sounds, customs sounds and more. To view the product page, please click here.

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PMDG intend to leave AVSIM

Announced on their Facebook page today, PMDG has announced that they intend to leave AVSIM for their support forum usage. In their statement: "On 02MAR18, PMDG informed AVSim of our intent to move our support forum to a company owned site. PMDG has been a part of AVSim since 1998, when AVSim founder, Tom Allensworth first broached the idea of hosting PMDG’s forum as a way to grow traffic for both of these young, new enterprises. PMDG has retained our loyalty to AVSim through occasional ups-and-downs in the relationship but the time has come for us to move forward and unify our customer support forum more closely with our ability to support customers around the world. This move is being made to ensure that PMDG and our customers retain the ability to communicate freely, directly and candidly with us and with one another across a wide range of issues affecting the global community of PMDG customers. We notified AVSim today of our intent to move in order to facilitate a discussion on how to make this transition as smooth and seamless as possible for AVSim users and PMDG customers. Shortly afterward, the PMDG forum was apparently removed from public access, we presume accidentally. We have reached out to AVSim and the forum staff to alert them to the issue, and we hope it will be returned to public use while we transition our official operation to a new home. We will post more information on the official opening of that new forum location just as soon as we have it ready for customer use and we look forward to welcoming you there. There are exciting times ahead!" To view their Facebook page, please click here.

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ORBX Previews Meigs Field

Previously released for only FSX-SE, ORBX is readying up their version for FSX Boxed and P3D. Meigs Field was the default starting airport for the MSFS franchise up until FS2004 when it changed to Sea-tac. Tim Harris and Alex Goff of ORBX have chosen to model Meigs as it appeared in the late 1990s and early 2000s with many Chicago landmarks present. To view the two sets of previews, please click here and here.

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Aeroplane Heaven releases Miles Hawk Speed Six

Ready for purchase, this 1930s era aircraft is an iconic British aircraft built to race. The Hawk Speed Six is said to contain specially developed textures, authentic sounds from a de Havilland Gypsy engine, and is available for FSX, FSX:SE, and P3D. Aeroplane Heaven has chosen to model G-ADGP, the only remaining flying version out of 3 that were built. Looks great! To view the product page, please click here.

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Captain Sim 727 v2.6 released

Coming straight from v2.4 Captain Sim has released version 2.6 of their 727. The update includes many new features, such as P3D and FSX:SE support and an INS for navigation, as well as a number of fixes from mouse wheel rotation bug, to trim sensitivity, and improving the optimization. To view the whole changelog, please click here.

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Goodbye Tom Allensworth

We at Flight Sim Global are sorry to announce the loss of a major influence of our flight simulation community. Tom Allensworth, the founder of AVSIM, has passed away this morning (April 4) at 5:30am. Tom was battling a carcinoma that started as a tumor. I'm sure many of us in the FS community have gone onto AVSIM at least once in our simming life, and there is no doubt that the website has been a major influence over the years. All of us at Flight Sim Global wish Tom smooth skies where he is now and express our deep sympathy for his close friends and loved ones. It is also important to remember that with events such as this, we are all a community. We may have our favorite sites, developers, communities, and preferences to our sims, but we are all a family nonetheless. Thank you Tom for your service to the flight simulation community, you have certainly touched us all. To view the announcement about this tragic turn of events on the AVSIM forums, please click here. To view Tom's statement on his condition last month, please click here.

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