We at Flight Sim Global are sorry to announce the loss of a major influence of our flight simulation community. Tom Allensworth, the founder of AVSIM, has passed away this morning (April 4) at 5:30am. Tom was battling a carcinoma that started as a tumor. I’m sure many of us in the FS community have gone onto AVSIM at least once in our simming life, and there is no doubt that the website has been a major influence over the years. All of us at Flight Sim Global wish Tom smooth skies where he is now and express our deep sympathy for his close friends and loved ones. It is also important to remember that with events such as this, we are all a community. We may have our favorite sites, developers, communities, and preferences to our sims, but we are all a family nonetheless. Thank you Tom for your service to the flight simulation community, you have certainly touched us all. To view the announcement about this tragic turn of events on the AVSIM forums, please click here. To view Tom’s statement on his condition last month, please click here.