PMDG has long stated that a weather radar within FSX is not possible. Not anymore! PMDG has worked with HiFi Technologies to bring a functional weather radar to their 777 in the next service pack. Unfortunately, it only works if you own HiFi’s Active Sky Next as seen in these two paragraphs in the announcement:

“Now- a few details you absolutely MUST know about this implementation. Currently it only works in conjunction with HiFi’s ASN- and it is designed specifically to work with their weather export data only. The implementation is dependent upon data that only ASN can provide to the PMDG 777 and this is the basis for the requirement.

I fully anticipate that other developers will want to create implementations that allow us to accomplish the same task with their weather engines- and I don’t doubt that over time we will do so… But like all things it will take time- and of course those platforms must be able to provide the same level of technical implementation that was accomplished by HiFi.”

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